Welcome to my portfolio- I have a series of link attached below with the type of the project, the project name and a link to the project itself. I very much enjoy learning and continuing my education in development and programming. Always trying to further my knowledge of the languages I use and trying new languages, frameworks or methods. Please feel free to browse. ASP.Net projects are typically webpages while the Java projects- both SE and EE (software and web) are in my git hub repositories. Below that I have a list of my current skills using generalized names. These do not include my knowledge of frameworks. Project examples are also limited due to client privacy / copyright laws, and by no means express the depth of my knowledge. Thank you for your interest! Aly Schmidt Zimmel


Java SE and EE *There is always more to learn!*
Spring Framework Integration
.Net Core
ASP.Net MVC4 and MVC5
iOS Objective C
Unity Engine
# Type of Project Link- Click these
1 Portfolio AZimmel portfolio
2 ASP .NET project Save the Zerglings
3 jQuery/ASP .NET project NuGlow Bottled Hope Store
4 ASP .NET project with razor Unicorn Tootsies Shoe Store
5 Advance Java Final Project ajs-Parking garage app
6 IT support portfolio Aly Schmidt Zimmel IT support portfolio
7 Personal project / Company site Ottmans Fir Farm
7 asp.NET Capstone project- uses Payflow Pro/Paypal, email and other WCLC Donation and Voluteer page Test Page (not live)
8 Distributed Java Final Project/ Java EE with Spring Framework Nuglow Java EE with Spring Framework and security final project